Scope of Employability | Information | Sports Authority of Gujarat : Sports, Youth and Culture Activities Department, Government of Gujarat
Scope of Employability | Information | Sports Authority of Gujarat : Sports, Youth and Culture Activities Department, Government of Gujarat

Scope of Employability

Swarnim Gujarat Sports University

Quality human resource is required to create a paradigm shift in the sporting scenario in India. With increasing inclination towards sports in recent times mainly due to recent success stories of players in National and International events, sports is all set to emerge as a lucrative career option for youth in India.

The University will play a role in creating a platform for aspiration led career in sports for aspiring youth by bridging the skill gap available today in sports and allied activities. The University through it course offerings in Physical Education, Fitness, Coaching etc. will help give sports enthusiasts right direction and orientation towards a suitable employment. Students can thus look at fulfilling their passion by looking at exciting career prospects within the sports sector.

Apart from serving as a player, an experienced sportsperson can also work as a coach, team manager, fitness instructor, umpire/referee, sports journalist/sports commentator, sports photographer, sports equipment supplier/manufacturer, and consultant.

Job Opportunities are available in the following areas:

  • Professional Player
  • Sports Physiotherapist
  • Coaching
  • Recreational Work
  • Athletic Trainer
  • Sports Marketing
  • Sports Management
  • Sports Medicine
  • Teaching
  • Gerontology
  • Equipment Manager
  • Sports Physicists

Large media coverage has helped to popularize various sports and as a result the amount of investment in the sports industry has increased. This has turned sports management into a lucrative career option. A job as a sports manager in a reputed sports management team can be very lucrative and personally rewarding

The person responsible for the handling, upkeep and care of everything from bats to helmets is the equipment manager. This profession offers opportunities for employment largely at colleges and professional levels. No special training or education is necessary, but knowledge of the equipment and the ability to perform minor repairs is important.

Sports Journalism is an area where Physical Education and Sports Science experts are required. Those with communication skills can take on sports commentary, or sports journalism, working with television, newspapers or magazines that have a sports column or programmes. Fitness Trainers can make their career in health education or become training specialist. with disabled conditions

Sports Marketing is a very vast area which includes planning new products for sportswear firm. Sports marketers are at the centre of a multi-billion-dollar global sports marketplace.

Sports Medicine is related to medical field dealing with the injuries obtain in sports fields, as well as prevention and treatment. Adequate medical care is a necessity in the prevention and control of injuries. In this field a person is required to know the knowledge of drugs and its content. They helps the athletes to identify which drugs or substances coming under dope and which substance do not.

Sports psychologists typically perform a range of tasks related to sports performance and education. A significant number of them work as freelancers. This means they are self-employed and work for number of publications.

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